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Flying Cape FAQ
  • General

  • How do I sign up for a Flying Cape account?

    Sign up for a free Flying Cape account by filling up a simple form or by logging in with your Facebook account.

    There is a simple email verification process and once you’ve done that. You are all set!

    Alternatively, you can download the Flying Cape App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Will it be cheaper if I booked directly from the Education Provider?

    Nope! Our Best Price Guarantee policy ensures that the price you pay on Flying Cape is the cheapest that you will find anywhere (even if you buy directly from the Education Provider). If you found that the price you got from us was higher, please let us know and we will refund you the difference!

  • Why should I buy from Flying Cape?

    Great question! Apart from the convenience you get from buying online, here are 3 other great reasons:

    1. Earn rewards and rebates for different schools in one central location with Flying Cape CompassPoints.

    2. Find promotions and exclusive classes or contact our friendly customer service support to get personalised recommendations.

    3. Have a problem with your booking or need help with a particular school? No worries! Flying Cape is here to assist you.

  • Where are your reviews from? Can I write a review?

    Reviews are submitted by the community - that is, parents just like yourself. Reviews are a great way to share with the community about your experience with various schools and activities so please do share with us your experience! To submit a review, please log into your account and search for either the school or specific class that you would like to comment on. Each review earns you 200 CompassPoints once it has been approved on the Flying Cape Platform. Keep them coming!

  • I am deeply dissatisfied with the services of the Education Provider. What can I do?

    Do drop us an email at about your experience and we will do our best to help resolve the matter. You may also leave a review on your experience. In doing so, please ensure that the review is written in an accurate and objective manner.

  • Bookings

  • How do I find a class that is suitable for my child?

    If you know what you are searching for, you can do a keyword search by activity (e.g. Maths, Soccer, Music) or search by school. For more filters, use the Advanced Search functionality and you will be able to browse by age, location, dates and Multiple Intelligences.

  • This is a great class! How can I make a booking?

    When you find a class you like, select the profile of the attendee and click on “Book Now” to add the class to your School Bag. At School Bag, you can apply any promo code that you have and click check out to make payment via Credit Card. It’s that easy!

    Not yet a Flying Cape member? You also have the option to Check out as a Guest but remember to sign up for an account after so as not to miss out on the CompassPoints.

  • How do I know that my class has been successfully booked?

    If the booking is successful, you will receive a confirmation on the screen. You will also receive a booking confirmation email. You can always review your booking history in “My Bookings”.

  • Why haven’t I received any confirmation even though I have booked some time ago?

    Upon successful booking, you will receive a confirmation on your screen. If you do not see this page at the end of the booking process or did not receive a confirmation email from us, please kindly contact our Customer Service Officer through our Online Chat or drop us an email at

  • How do I cancel/reschedule a class that I have booked?

    If you would like to cancel a class you have booked, you may do so by clicking on “My Bookings” and clicking on the “Request to Cancel” button along with the reason for cancellation. Please note that you will only be allowed to reschedule your classes with a 48-hour window. Do contact us via the Online Chat or drop us an email at if you require any assistance.

  • Why isn't my booking processed successfully? It keeps prompting error messages.

    If you are accessing from the web, please ensure that your browser security settings meet the requirements below:

    • Supported Operating Systems - Windows 7, Mac OS 10 or later

    • Supported Browsers - Google Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer 11 and above

    • Settings: Javascript and Cookies are enabled

    • Safari ensure your page is not private

    • If you are in your office, your office firewall may have block some of our pages

    Alternatively, you can download our App available on the Google Play Store and Apple App store.

    If you continue to face problems, please contact us via the Online Chat or drop us an email at .

  • All-You-Can-Learn Pass (ALP)

  • What is All-You-Can-Learn Pass? Why should I buy it?

    The All-You-Can-Learn pass (ALP) consolidates the best trial classes all over Singapore at your fingertips. Each pass consists of credits which you can use interchangeably for your whole family. All first lessons are available at a flat fee of 1 credit per class and the credits can be converted to eDollars to pay for that class that you thoroughly enjoy. Be sure to check out the additional promotions available to ALP customers!

  • Where can I purchase the All-You-Can-Learn Pass (ALP) package?

    Click here and choose the number of credits you would like to purchase.

  • How to book classes from the All-You-Can-Learn Pass (ALP) package?

    Here are 3 simple steps:

    1. Go to the ALP class listing

    2. Search and make a reservation based on the preferred class, date and time.

    3. You will receive an ALP reservation via email and the ALP education provider will confirm the booking within 48 hours.

    ▪ If the seat is not available, the ALP education provider will contact you to help you reschedule the booking per availability.

    ▪ If you are unable to accommodate the rescheduled time proposed by the school, the ALP class will be cancelled and you will receive a refund of the credit.

  • How many times can my child attend the same class?

    Each pass consists of credits which you can interchangeably use for your whole family and all first lessons are available at a flat fee of 1 credit for the first lesson per student. Continuing subsequent lessons on the ALP package are available for selected partners and ALP credits may be adjusted accordingly. Alternatively, you can convert your credits to eDollars to continue further lessons with the school.

  • How do I check how many credits I have left?

    To check on the number of credits you have remaining, simply click on the profile icon on the top right of the page and you’ll be able to see the number of ALP credits you have left.

  • How long are the credits valid for? Can I ask for extension?

    Each credit is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Extension of credit validity period is determined on a case by case basis and administrative charges may apply. Please contact us via the online chat or drop us an email at

    *Administration Fee is at 5% of transacted amount with a minimum fee of $2 per transaction.

  • Can I use my credits to pay for continued lessons with a provider?

    The ALP credits were designed to provide a standardized rate to a wide variety of enrichment classes so that learners can gain maximum exposure to a wide variety of topics at a fraction of the price. If you’ve found a program that you would like to dive deeper into, your credits can be converted to eDollars and you can use the eDollars to continue your lessons.

    *Administration fee is at 5% of transacted amount with a minimum fee of $2 per transaction.

  • Can I refund if I’m not using the credits?

    Sorry, there are no refunds for ALP credits. However, you can choose to convert your credits to eDollars to be used on your next purchase on our platform.

  • Can I transfer my ALP credits to someone else?

    No, ALP credits are non-transferable.


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