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Education: the most precious gift for a child.

Let the little ones you care about have the chance to learn it smarter today.

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About Flying Cape

Flying Cape gives you and your family unparalleled access to thousands of classes* by more than 350 Flying Cape partners across Singapore. Art, Baking, Coding, Dance, Martial Arts, Music, Speech and Drama, Sports, Tuition, Yoga, and many more activities are now just one click away.

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Once you have redeemed your e$dollars, the amount will be available in your e$dollar wallet. You canproceed to:

1. Browse through the wide variety of classes available on our website. You can use the Advanced Search button to help refine your search.

2. Select the class, date and time you would like to book and add it into the school bag.

3. Offset the amount at the School Bag by selecting the e$dollar payment.

4. Once booking is made, you will receive a confirmation email for your booking.

Have a question?

1. Chat with us through the Live Chat function at

2. Or email us at

Best Regards,

The Flying Cape Team

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